Scanned compositions by Lucien Durey and Katie Kozak from materials found in the Creighton, Saskatchewan home of Kozak's Ukrainian Canadian grandmother, Sophie Ostrowski, where the artists have taken up a yearlong residency. A new scan will be added daily from November 1, 2012 to July 31, 2013.

This project is made possible through funding from the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

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"Oh, and that’s my five grandchildren! Oh, no that’s the Antosh kids. Yeah, Sandra up on top, Morris and Melvin across from each other, and Angela and Andy down below.  Mmmhmm and the background is what? A lightning flash? It is, hey?"
"Ah, uh huh. Radish with what? Those little printed things, which I already can’t see. Oh yeah, I remember the Chevrolet."
"Now, that is a picture of hunters, and my dad’s in that picture…but don’t ask me. I’d have to put on my glasses. I think it’s this one in the center.  The background music, I don’t know what it is…hee hee you’re not going to…the background picture."
"It looks like clouds in the sky with a squirrel peanut butter lid. Or is it popcorn?"
"Oh yeah, mmm hmm. Now that is our constitution for the Ukrainian Women’s Association. It’s everything we can and can’t do in and within our church. And the little snowmen…where did they come from? Oh, a bag. The little bags for popcorn."
"Oh, there’s that nice piece of cloth. I always wanted to make a blouse out of that but…I never ever did make it. And pictures of…hmm…I do not know."
"And that’s Angela’s recipe for salad dressing and it’s sitting on an old shirt! Or a piece a fabric…I think I made a shirt out of that."
"Oh, and who is all the children? Is that your mother? Oh, and is that the priest from Roblin? I don’t know who or what that is."
"Oh, and there’s a hossack. You know, one of those things you put stuff into and store away.  And that little character in the middle was for one of my open-face Easter eggs I was making, wasn’t it?”
"Yeah, that looks like one of these inserts from a pound of uh…lard. With some…I don’t know, I was writing a recipe or something on there."
"Now that’s one of Jonny’s hockey collections…cause it wasn’t Jon skating, I can agree with you on that. And that was a box of staples that must have fallen apart somewhere along the way, but as long as you picked them all up so as we don’t step on them, it’s ok."
"Ohhh, Andrew. That’s not Melvin, is it? Has Melvin got curly hair? Cause Andy used to. And perogies! Yeah, I’m sure that’s Andrew cause, see, even his face features are that of Angela’s, eh? I never in my life thought that you guys would do something like this…come to Baba’s house and pick up all the queer things."